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Welcome , this is where you can create your annoucement listing.

If you have any questions, we have a number of help documents available, simply click on the links in the How To section, a PDF document will open that you will be able to read and download.


How To:

Links to “How To” help documents:

  • Reset password your password.
  • Profile / directory  updates.
    How to manage what appears in the HELD Members Directory.

Member Events & Listings:

Links to create and update your event, job, classified & announcement listings.

Create Your Event Listing

Create Your Job Listing

Create Your Classified Listing

Create Your Announcement Listing

Update Your Job, Classified & Announcement Listings

Update Your Event Listing
If you created an event, click on the event listing. You will then see an "ADMIN" tab displayed. Simply click on the Admin tab to update the listing.