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What is HELD?

HELD stands for Holistic End of Life and Deathcare Australia. It is an organisation dedicated to promoting and providing holistic approaches to end-of-life care, deathcare practices, after-death care, and funeral care in Australia. HELD aims to uphold ethical values and principles while offering guidance and support to its members, who are involved in various aspects of end-of-life and deathcare. The organisation focuses on ensuring the safety, dignity, and well-being of individuals at the end of life, as well as supporting caregivers, both personal and professional. HELD fosters collaboration among practitioners and advocates for the recognition and promotion of holistic practices within the wider Australian healthcare landscape.

Who can join HELD?

HELD (Holistic End of Life and Deathcare Australia) is typically open to individuals, professionals, organisations, or businesses involved or interested in holistic approaches to end-of-life care, deathcare practices, after-death care, and funeral care in Australia. This may include:

  1. End-of-life doulas and advocates
  2. Palliative care professionals
  3. Funeral directors
  4. Bereavement counsellors
  5. Hospice workers
  6. Healthcare practitioners with an interest in holistic care
  7. Spiritual care providers
  8. Funeral celebrants
  9. Educators and researchers in end-of-life care
  10. Volunteers supporting individuals at the end of life and their families

Membership eligibility criteria may vary, but generally, HELD welcomes individuals and organisations committed to promoting the values and principles of holistic end-of-life and deathcare in Australia.

Does HELD offer training or certification programs?

HELD does not directly offer training or certification programs. However, organisations with Organisational Memberships that offer training may provide exclusive discounts and referrals to HELD members. HELD is open to discussing partnerships with organisations in this space as long as they agree to abide by HELD’s code of conduct and values.

HELD offers a certificate to confirm Practitioner or Organisational membership status, serving as acknowledgment of agreement to the organisation’s values and code of conduct.

Where can I find an end-of-life/death doula?

You can find an End of Life Doula through the End of Life Doula Directory at endoflifedouladirectory.com.au or by contacting Preparing the Way at preparingtheway.com.au/find-an-end-of-life-doula/

How can I make a complaint?

Our expectation is that practitioners and organisations will have their own complaint procedures in place, it’s recommended to follow those procedures first. However, if you are a Member Practitioner or Member Organisation and you have an issue with HELD, its board members, or another member that persist without resolution, there are steps you can take. Please refer to our complaints policy at held.org.au/complaints/.