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HELD Memberships

Thank you for your interest in joining HELD. Our network of end-of-life doulas, funeral directors, celebrants, complementary therapists, volunteers, and suppliers are here to support you to grow your knowledge, skills and business in the holistic end-of-life and death care space.

Membership Benefits


Get to know your compatriates in the end-of-life and death care space. Find professional connections and allies to enhance your practice and improve the professionalism of the industry.

Making a difference

Your knowledge matters, and our collective voice can make a difference to governmental policy and regulations.

Directory listing

Get found by colleagues that can use your skills. The directory includes your business details, location, target demographic and specialist skills.


HELD has researched insurance providers for the end-of life space. There should be something to match most provider needs.

Exclusive offers and discounts

Your fellow members can provide member discounts and access to exclusive offers for products and services that you need.

Advertising events, products and services

Get the word out about what you do. Promote your business, products or events to others in the industry.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Learn new skills or keep on top of the latest best practice for your business.

Which membership is right for you?

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Membership Requirements

HELD provides three levels of membership to suit your particular needs and goals. Each has its own benefits and requirements:

  • General Members – General Members do not need to have professional credentials, they need only to wish for knowledge and friends in the end-of-life and death care.
  • Member Practitioners – To be recognised as a Member Practitioner you will need to have an ABN, insurance, a complaints procedure, access to your fee structure, and be prepared to commit to 10 hours of professional development each year. Evidence of these criteria must be made available to HELD if requested.
  • Member Organisation – Depending on the nature of the organisation, some or all of the Practitioner requirements may apply. These will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

General Member



For students, volunteers, carers, other non-professional end-of-life workers, or those otherwise committed to holistic end-of-life and death care. 

Practitioner Member



For those working in the death and dying industry, such as end-of-life doulas, funeral celebrants, holistic funeral workers or suppliers.

Organisation Member



For organisations or businesses in the death and dying industry who share HELD’s values and are committed to holistic end-of-life and death care.