Holistic End of Life and Death Care Australia

Welcome to the professional association for the holistic end of life and death care community in Australia

Our purpose is to unite, represent and promote the holistic end of life and death care community and to develop the professional identity of holistic practitioners and care givers.

We acknowledge, represent and promote the safety, dignity and rights of:

  • all people at end of life and;
  • caregivers, both personal and professional.


We foster an open and constructive dialogue across all levels of national, state and local governments to strengthen our standing, influence and reach across the wider Australian healthcare landscape.


Our role as holistic professionals is to inform, educate, follow and guide the individual and carers, in making decisions in regard to end of life, death and funeral care.

We believe that:

  • death is a part of life;
  • carers, family and community have the right to choose to care for their own at end of life and at death;
  • the bodies of our dead can be cared for naturally;
  • family and community led end of life, death and funeral care lays a strong foundation for healthy bereavement